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We currently provide Belgrade and Bratislava as safe destination points for Tech people relocation


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What we offer

We keep your IT development safe and operations smooth, by ensuring tech people work safely and productively

Immediate tech team relocation & evacuation from conflict regions

We provide all-in-one legal support for tech people who need to be relocated from war conflict zones in Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

Onshore legalization and visa support

We make sure people receive all legal documents to stay and work safely in a host country, decent place to stay and work from co-working offices.

IT staff recruitment and assessment

We can match your growing needs for highly qualified tech talent from Eastern European regions, organise and run assessment interwiews before your relocation decision.

IT project set up and outstaffing

Your tech team can start working immediately without any red tape, based on our outstaffing IT company, fully dedicated to your tech team and company.

How it works

We make sure you get your tech people down to a safe place in Europe, smoothly and rapidly

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Contact us and provide details on your situation (relocation or recruitment).

Get terms

Align on cooperation terms and get red tape done.

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Get your relocation and recruitment plan.


People get relocated individually or in groups. We provide housing and work space.

Our awesome features

How long does it take?


In terms of relocating of an existing team we can relocate within a few days.


Workspace can be provided on the following working day upon arrival.


Recruitment options can be presented instantly.